RFG had acquired many brands over its 20 years. With many of their brands operating in a similar space, RFG wanted to review the roles and goals of each of their brands within their portfolio to ensure RFG was growing their share of the very lucrative 44 million food + beverage industry.


In partnership with another consultancy agency, a 3-5 Year Portfolio Growth Strategy was delivered comprising of:

  • Comprehensive Research + Insight
  • Consumer behavioural analysis
  • Overall growth opportunities in the total market
  • Un-tapped Innovation ideation opportunities
  • Portfolio Brand DNA Review
  • Clear Defined roles of each of the brands
  • Prioritised opportunities for growth per brand
  • 3-5 Year Distribution Strategy
  • Culminating in a clear 3-5 Year Portfolio Growth Strategy of “Where to Play” + “How to Win”


The 3-5 year strategy delivered a comprehensive and forward focused growth strategy that all 18 Key Management Stakeholders brought into across the portfolio. Allowing the company to have one aligned vision and team all striving towards the same common goals with projected growth initiates forecasted over the next 3-5 year plan.


Two examples of the growth strategies now live in market

  • Pizza Capers Mobile Van – Footprint expansion strategy
  • Donut King Fun Factory – A consumer experience strategy that delivered a lower cost entry model to attract more potential franchisees.