Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast North was a small business operator looking to take their business to the next level. They were wanting to grow their eyelash customer base but also offer industry training to lash technicians through online courses.


To re-position Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast North from a home-grown eyelash company to a more professional, authorative figure that was perceived as an industry expert across Australia. The re-positioning of the brand to become an Institute, instantly gained this credibility amongst fellow technicians as being the best of the best. Whilst providing the immediate perception that it was a recognised ‘body’ that they could be trained by.


The launch of the new brand has now created a platform for future grown and segmented a premium positioning un-rivalled to any of its competitors.

It’s now perceived as one of Australia’s leading Eyelash Training Bodies in Australia.

Its brand experience has been enriched with complimentary services and additional staff being employed to cater for the up-lift in customers.