Donut King was a brand that was perceived as being just for kids. Whilst it had strong engagement through its products of brightly coloured donuts and innovative shapes. The brand was functional in its appeal and was missing a real sense of engagement and fun that really connected with consumers.


To create a brand that unlocked what the brand stood for, broadened its appeal to “kids at heart” and reignited new life through an irreverent, fun & engaging identity, that consumers wanted to be part of.


The development of the creative platform “Make If Fun.” This cutting edge platform gave Donut King a new lease of life to inject a sense of fun into everything they did.

The development extended to a new Logo and brand development from quirky fun saying on uniforms + packaging to iconography use in gaming, fun product naming conventions, in-store collateral and fun marketing + social campaigns that drove significant marketing engagement.

The “Make It Fun” creative platform was rolled out across 300 stores across Australia with huge endorsement from franchisees, stakeholders and consumers alike.